Shipping & Delivery

3 Raw Hounds Delivery Options

Options to get both treats and frozen raw dog food:

  • Local Home Delivery - Free local home delivery service offered within the St. Louis, MO metro area (Illinois is included). If you are ordering raw food we ask that you leave a full size cooler by your front door.  
  • Farmers Markets - We will be at various farmers markets throughout the metro St. Louis, MO area. Feel free to stop by and we can have your order ready for pickup. We will be posting on social media the market schedules each week.
  • Nationwide Shipping - We offer free nationwide shipping on orders over $100.00 (this includes both raw food and treats). All raw dog food will be shipped frozen in an insulated box with reuseable ice sheets to ensure the products stay cold during transit. We ship to all states.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

At 3 Raw Hounds we are believers in doing what we can to minimize waste.  Therefore, we ship our cold products in insulated boxes that are environmentally friendly. Our boxes contain BPI-certified Green Cell Foam that is made from 100% organic materials, making it completely safe to melt and pour down the kitchen sink. It can also be dissolved in a bucket of water, which makes excellent food for plants, burned on the grill or used as a fireplace starter. The outer film can be recycled with #4 plastics, while the interior can be melted, composted or burned.

What is Green Cell Foam?
Green Cell Foam is the biodegradable, eco-friendly foam material we're now using for our insulated packaging. It’s an ASTM D6400 and BPI certified closed-cell foam that's backyard compostable, biodegradable and water soluble.

What are the additional benefits?
Manufacturing Green Cell Foam requires 70% less energy and produces 80% less greenhouse gases than petroleum-based foams.

What’s Green Cell Foam made out of?
The primary raw material is U.S. grown, non-GMO cornstarch, an annually renewable resource.

A short YouTube video shows you how easy it to dispose of the packaging in a responsible manner.