7 Reasons To Feed Your Dog a Raw Food Diet

Research shows that feeding your dog a raw food diet can increase their lifespan and reduce their chance of disease. Giving your dog food that resembles the natural foods they would have eaten before domestication can have an extremely positive impact on their overall health. 


However, there is some pushback to feeding our canine friends raw dog food. Some people find the transition difficult and aren’t sure where to find proper raw food. K9 Kravings dog food that meet the requirements for a raw dog food diet. 


Read on for the reasons you should feed your dog a raw food diet

1.   Improved Dental Health

Dog teeth are sharp, strong, and designed to tear and rip tough meat and bone. There have been many claims that kibble is an unnatural food for dogs because it is so processed and requires little effort to chew. Kibble can also stick to a dog's teeth, which can cause dental issues. 


85% of adult dogs develop some form of dental disease like gingivitis. Studies support the claim that a raw dog food diet improves dental health by reducing tartar buildup on the teeth. 


2.   Improved Digestion

Raw food contains vital nutrients that get processed and used by a dog's body. This results in fewer and healthier bowel movements. A raw food diet requires more effort and chewing than kibble, so the body has more time to release gastric acid to break down the food. 


When a dog eats too fast, it has a negative result on the digestive system. If you’ve seen your dog vomit or have diarrhea after scarfing down kibble, it could be because kibble is so easy to eat quickly. Raw food can’t be eaten as quickly because its components — like organ meat and muscle meat — are naturally tough and require those sharp, strong teeth to break it down. 


3.   Boost Your Pet's Immune System

70% of a dog's immune system lies in its gut. Raw food provides live enzymes that support gut health. The gut is then able to perform properly, and your dog's immune system gets an immediate boost.


Commercial dog food is highly processed and rich in starches which are unusable by the gut. These ingredients promote inflammation in a dog's gut and can negatively affect the immune system. 


4.   Improved Skin and Coat

One of the most popular reasons for switching to raw dog food is the improvements in a dog's skin and coat. After switching their dogs to raw food, owners see an almost immediate change in their dogs' coats. Natural and raw meat contains a multitude of fatty acids that keep dogs’ skin moisturized and their coats shiny and healthy. 

5.   Improved Stools

Raw food contains vital nutrients that get used in a dog's body, so they excrete much less waste. Kibble is filled with starch and carbohydrates that are unnecessary for a dog's nutrition, so they get eliminated in the digestive process. 


A dog on a raw food diet will likely experience fewer bowel movements, and when they do eliminate, they will have a much smaller and more consistent stool. 

6.   Decreased Veterinary Expenses

A raw diet full of vitamins and minerals from K9 Kravings raw dog food can improve your dog’s overall health. Over time, a raw dog food diet has shown to result in fewer vet visits because it reduces many chronic conditions that older dogs experience. 


Many dogs who are fed kibble tend to need more vet visits and prescriptions as they age. But a raw food diet reduces a dog's chance of getting those conditions, resulting in fewer visits and a reduced likelihood of the need for prescriptions. 

keeping your dog healthy

7.   Heightened Mental Quality

A dog is naturally programmed to rip and tear at a piece of raw meat, so this diet gives them the psychological satisfaction of doing just that. 


When a dog can use their instincts daily, they will be much happier. Dogs are also thought to enjoy the taste of raw food more than kibble.


A raw diet for your dog can enhance their overall physical and mental wellbeing. Use us as a resource to learn more about raw dog food diets. 3 Raw Hounds carry raw dog food to give your dog the best raw food options available.